Who is Dai Milan?

I am a New Orleans native, creator and muse, lover of all things art, and advocator for all who are overlooked.

My passion for creating, my educational background in the intersectionality of race and politics, my career as an elementary school educator, and my love for our often disenfranchised youth would somehow become the perfect recipe for the young woman I am. Whether you know me as Daisha or Ms. Calliet or Dai Milan or DaiDaiTheArtist or just Dai, I stand before you a true testament of the multifacetness that exists within our world.

With every day, comes new lessons and new oppurtunities to grow and strengthen our own will. That teenage girl that once wondered anxiously about what my future would hold is now a young woman excitedly embracing each new day. Because now, not only have I self-published a book, graduated from Louisiana State University, started my own business registered in the State of Louisiana, created and sold over 100 original paintings and prints, designed my own merchandise and apparel, been contracted as an art instructor through my company DaiDaiTheArtist LLC, and served my community as a 4th Grade English and Social Studies Teacher... but most of all I've learned you can actually, honestly, and truly do anything you set your mind to.

That is why whenever anyone asks, who is Daisha Milan Calliet, I always ask them how much time do they have before I answer. 

The End of Silence: A Collection of Poetry