Art Gallery

      "BECOMING" c. 2023

"Blonded" c. 2020

"3 Stacks" c. 2017

"R.I.P. Mac" c. 2018 

"Weezy" c. 2018 

"Jeffery" c. 2018


"Carti" c. 2019 

"Mr. Rager" c. 2017 

"Buffalo Soldier" c. 2017 


"Twigs" c. 2020 

"SZA" c. 2019 


"La Flame" c. 2019


"RiRi" c. 2020


"Rico aka Unicorn" c. 2020

"Lil Boat" c. 2019 

"Self Portrait: A Creator and A Muse" c. 2020

"BRWNSKNGRL" c. 2020

“4 black women” c. 2021


I see myself in all of you. Our smiles like mirrors reflections bouncing back at me, at her, at them. Everything you are, every form you be, is sacred and perfect to me. The duality of your power, both your blackness and your womanhood exists within. Beauty and power performs a dance of balance again and again.